Corpse Plant – Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

This image was captured while visiting Marie Selby Botanical Gardens,  Tropical Conservatory, Sarasota, Florida in August of 2016. The bloom lasts about 24 hours, so thanks to the FaceBook page for the gardens we were able to arrive at the gardens about two hours from the posting time. Because this is such an unusual event the gardens stayed open until 9:00 instead of closing at its normal time of 5:00.
Corpse Plant

Image captured with a Sony A6000 Camera, Sony 10-18mm f/4.0 lens, focal length 10 mm, ISO 200, 1/80 sec at f/5.6. Processed using Lightroom CC2015, Photoshop CC2015, and Photomatix Pro 5.0.


4 thoughts on “Corpse Plant – Marie Selby Botanical Gardens”

    1. They are displayed at different locations, but not many that you can get close enough that you could touch it. They were trying to pollinate this one and were successful.

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